The Sunshine Club

Have you ever found the Sunshine in a life storm or been the receipent of kindness when you needed it the most? If so, than you can totally relate to the soul shine that comes from giving back, right?

 It's people like you that remember how the darkness felt during a difficult time and strive often to plant rays of hope by giving back. Creating "Sunshine Moments" allows your light to shine on others and create a ripple effect of giving at The Sami Sunshine Foundation. 

It's because of you that we can create Sunshine in the lives of adults with intellecual disabilities!                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                             The SunShine Club is where People can donate monthly to the foundation to support our mission of serving adults with special needs. 

Benefits of  Joining The Sunshine Club : 

Early Registration for all events

 Quarterly updates on how your contributions are creating Sunshine

 Special Thank You surpries throughout the year

Invitation to our annual Sunshine Banquet