Sami Sunshine Center Gallery

First Day!

Polaroid Fun!

Who doesn't love Uno?!

Painting Pumkins for Halloween!

Sami With Meesha!

Dollar Tree!

Happy Halloween!

Justin & Jake 

Jake helping cut cookies!

Jake & Sami baking cookies!

Sami cutting cookies!

Jake sweeping up!

Thanksgiving Day Craft!

Maddie the Music Teacher! 

Handing out Soulshine Boxes! 

Planting Seeds!

First group Outting to Walmart! 

Christmas Shopping Fun!

Justin checking out with his items

Sami paying for her items

Jake paying for his items

Loading up all the cool items!

Christmas Photos!

Merry Christmas from Justin!

Sami & Justin

Jake having fun!

Making chocolate covered pretzels!

Newport Aquarium

Money Managment Practice! 

Justin picking out his groceries

Showing off what they got!

Jake picking out his groceries

Ms.Maddie with our new friend Molly!

Molly Assisting with gardening!


Tending to the seeds!

Green house work!

Garden care & some vitamim C

Prepping for the garden!

Justin helping out!

Justin & Dom hard at work!

Zoo Trip!

Fun in the Sun!

Cincinnati Museum Center!

Back in time week!



Tie dye!


Michael Jackson! 

Justin being MJ!

Making MJ Gloves!

Chuck E. Cheese 

Pin Deck & Scene75

Fun around the Center!

Jake loves a good puzzle!

Our New friend Brittany!

Our New friend Jake.W!

Dress Up!

Fun times with Dress Up!

Justin & Sam with Shrek Ear's!

Molly & Brittany at the store!

Brittany & Ms.Riley!

Jakey & Krystal playing us some tunes!

Jake.W showing off his 4th of July craft!

Cooking & Baking!

Ray & Brittany Baking!

Our New friend Ray showing us how to bake!

Tending To The Garden!

Shopping for the garden!

Molly loved the feeling of the plants

Ms.Debi & Krystal!

Group Shopping!

Jake.W watering the plants!

Sami showing us the Strawberries!

Ray with the Carrot he Harvested!

Justin Watering the plants!


Ray, Justin & Kyle!

Let's Grill Out!

Jake.W & Ray

Summer Fun!

Our new friend Bill!

Let's go to the Fair!

Ray is always there to help a friend out!

Molly & Sam enjoying some outside time!

We love to celebrate birthday's!

Ray harvesting some of our tomatos!

Spreading Sunshine!

Kyle welcoming our new friend Nikki!

Sam with the Music Man!

Good music can build friendships!


Helping in the community

Who called Elvis?!?

The Joys of Fall!